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The Blunt Diaries

An album by IMJLS
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Independent artist, and founder of independent network,"The Creative Collective," artist IMJLS first broke into the Colorado music scene with his catchy, melodic blend of east coast influenced rap, soul, and RnB in early 2016. Releasing over twenty diverse tracks with friend and producer Katmandoom. With two Ep's and a plethora of singles, The Blunt Diaries was created. His feature on the genre bending single, "Trouble in Town", by Norwegian artist "Attic" helped to gain IMJLS an international platform alongside fellow creator JediFocus. This Twenty year old seemingly never runs out of thoughts, or things to say. Look out for a festive 2017 from the young artist.



Longtime producer and DJ, Katmandoom, or Katty D has never ceased to blow people away not only with amazing live dj sets but intricate beats with sounds keen to only ones ear. A master builder, who after working in radio in Colorado Springs came across fellow aspiring artist IMJLS, who he musically meshed with in 2016.  As the main engineer and producer of The Diaries, look for more and more intricate solo work and beat making in the second half of the year. Also a student at KMGinc. look for continued advancement from this young artist. For booking or contact reach:













A breakout artist in 2016, JediFocus is a visual artist and producer from Boulder, CO. Best known for his production on "Trouble in Town" and remix of Lukas Graham's "7 Years", JediFocus took to the scene with a dark and percussive blend of hip hop, trap, house and techno. In late 2016, JediFocus began collaborating with rapper IMJLS, producing singles like "Resist" and "Pillow Talk(episode 1)". With his collaborations with artists around the world, a healthy photography and music catalogue, and influencing fashion sense, JediFocus is an artist to watch in 2017.


Maxwell venus

Young, yet experienced Denver artist, Maxwell Venus, has been pumping the Denver hip hop scene with diverse and versatile flows for a few years now. It may seem his role in The Blunt Diaries is only a single feature, but the multi-talented artist is also credited as the master mixing engineer for the Project. After enjoying each others respected work, IMJLS and Maxwell Venus partnered, in collaboration of the respected collectives of OuterZones Ent. and The Creative Collective the two have grown close musically and otherwise. Expect much work to be done from the two in collaboration, but also singularly, Maxwell Venus has a few major projects of his own due very soon.

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Sew is best known for his soulfully mixed EP releases alongside family member and Co-founder of OZ, Maxwell Venus. Responsible for not only music, this multi-faceted artist is everything you could imagine visually. From digital time in lightroom, and photoshop, to pen and pad Jasew helped visually Stimulate The Blunt Diaries at a high level. Although not featured on the project, a key asset to not only this project, but much of The Creative Collectives visual components.

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One of few photographers on the project Michael Stephens aka JustShootMeh is responsible for photography that truly brings the project to life. Find his work @JustShootMeh on instagram. As a close friend and key member to The Collective, look for more work from him in the near future.



Other key component and golden eye of the project, Cilantros photo taking ability and editing experience will take you to a place of its own. Having photographed for local bands, and national alike his photos are a sight for sore eyes. Also find the young creator making music with fellow local power houses, 444. Find more work from the young innovator @CilantroThaPirate. An avid BMX rider, Cilantros vast amount of talents makes him more than worth the follow.


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IMJLS live




It all started when...

an immense amount of blunt smoke filled the air. A mention of scrap-booking our previously smoked Blunts, sparked a thought of an innovative concept. The Blunt Diaries embodies all your favorite flavor wRAPS into everyday emotions felt day in and out.